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SWTOR THUNDER is suspending operations by Sennhar
[February 06, 2018, 14:04:01 pm]

Welcome to THUNDER!

THUNDER is a multi-national multi-game guild for older players (18+) who have families, jobs and commitments which have to come first. As a result of this, the majority of our members play later at night than the average gamer, with guild events generally taking place between 2100-0000 UK time.

The advantage of older members is that our members are more mature (in theory :P), which ensures a friendly, helpful and relaxed atmosphere for all types of player throughout the guild. Do expect to hear bad jokes or quips on a daily basis though, we are here to have fun after all. This maturity has given us stability over the years, allowing THUNDER to develop an experienced leadership team and an organised way of running things.

Although THUNDER welcomes a diverse range of players who enjoy many different types of gameplay, from PvP to achievement hunting; raiding is a large part of what we do. Raiding is something which many of our members enjoy, whether they can raid once a week, once a month or every night and we are happy to accommodate those different time commitments throughout everything the guild does. Everyone is free to raid as much or as little as they feel comfortable with.

THUNDER is based on Imperial-side of Darth Malgus (formerly The Red Eclipse) and the Horde side of Draenor.

February 06, 2018, 14:04:01 pm by Sennhar | Views: 516 | Comments: 0

The SWTOR section of the guild is suspending operations due to us officers taking a much longer break than anticipated. Members can read all about it in this thread. It's not a farewell as we'll all be hanging around here and our Discord, playing other games until SWTOR manages to rope us back in again but for the time being SWTOR THUNDER is on extended sabbatical.

WOW THUNDER is unaffected and very lively, with its wealth of activities organized and managed over our Discord channel rather than the website.

November 30, 2017, 00:03:27 am by Sennhar | Views: 574 | Comments: 0

Lighting a candle to unstealth a shadowy droid: that's storymode Nahut is a nutshell and after some pondering on candling techniques on Tuesday, he fell tonight to the motley crew pictured below:

Happy Game Update 5.6 everyone :)
October 02, 2017, 23:34:54 pm by Sennhar | Views: 1262 | Comments: 7

Keith-Wan Kenobi Kanneg has delivered the Fall Roadmap. The biggest news is, by far, the upcoming servers consolidation to 5 megaservers, 2 in North America and 3 in Europe. From November 8, The Red Eclipse, along with Progenitor and ToFN, will transition into Darth Malgus, the one and only European server with English as the primary language.

Don't you see? Our survival demands a new Server, tempered by software integration and strengthened by hardware upgrades.

The Merge is Strong with Us:

United Forces Campaign (aka Server merges but it's bad P.R. to call them that) will start deploying with Game Update 5.5 next week. Extended downtime is scheduled for October 24. November 8 is the launch date, when The Red Eclipse will be no more, absorbed in the new English server for Europe, Darth Malgus. The transition is promised to be almost seamless. Details and FAQ are here. The UFC survivors (ahem) will receive a set of rewards, including Darth Hexid, the Sith companion who lost to Master Ranos in the DvL event.

Still a MMO:

Game Update 5.6 (November 28) will deliver Nahut (3rd Boss of Gods from the Machine), a new flashpoint, a new PvP map and - you may want to sit down - a new GSF map. Bosses 4 & 5 of Gods from the Machine and the Master Mode (Nightmare) version of the full operation are tentatively scheduled for Early 2018. A "group finder revamp" is also scheduled for Game Update 5.6, along with more class balancing (sigh).

Gearing, now with more Unassembled Components:

Unassembled Components will become legacy wide (Update 5.6) and drop from all Master Mode bosses (Update 5.5). In addition, disintegrating items from command crates will award UAs instead of CXPs (5.6). CXPs increases are also coming, including new legacy perks for alts. Command crates will also reward an extra item (either mod, enhancement, Grand Chance Cube or cxp boosts).

New augments will be introduced with Game Update 5.6 (November 28) available from the new flashpoint (drops and vendor) and to craft. No new tier of gear nor more command ranks for the rest of the year.


October 10: United Forces Foundation - Game Update 5.5
November 8: United Forces Goes Live -  Game Update 5.5.1
November 28: A Traitor Among the Chiss - Game Update 5.6
December 12: Anniversary Celebration - Game Update 5.6.1
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SWTOR THUNDER is suspending operations by Sennhar
[February 06, 2018, 14:04:01 pm]

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